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Customers can purchase insurance to cover cost of equipment damage *

Equipment that is unaccounted for should only be worried about by Jason Gerry *

Credit card or drivers license information are acceptable to be able to rent equipment *

Salomon certification isn’t really important as long as you have    an understanding of how the bindings work *

A person comes down and asks you to adjust their ski bindings that are not made by Salomon – this is okay for you to do *

When a snowboarder is considered “Goofy” this means they ride with their left foot in front. *

There are various waxes whose performance depends on the  temperature of the snow? *

It is better to let a snowboard reach room temperature before waxing it *

True or False, The width of a ski/ snowboard can help compensate for the  length? *

True or False, The best length for a snowboard should be 6” above the head of  the person who will be using it? *

It is now 11:00 and the lifts were closed at 10:00. Someone has still not        brought some rental equipment back, and you looked all over and can’t find them. You should do a check around the building and contact the customer if they have not been found *

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