Congrats! You are on the snowmaking team!
Let's quiz you :-)
When riding a snow machine I will proceed up and down the black diamond runs to check guns when needed:

When starting up snow guns, I will keep these going until I run out of either air pressure or water volume. *

Propane is used to thaw frozen hoses *

I will always check with my partner before blowing water through an air hose *

I will always wear a helmet when operating snow machine *

You should always aim to ride across the fall line when snow machining on the hill *

I can take my friends who do not work at the hill for a ride on the snow machine during my shift *

While on shift it is your responsibility to keep watch for snow build-up over hoses, and either remove the gun or hose from underneath the snow. Please never leave a gun or hose underneath a pile of snow! Snow prevention is key! *

If taking the lift, yourself and your partner must always take lift up together *

Enter your first name: *

Enter your last name: *

Thanks a bunch. Stay safe.
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